Monday, January 16, 2012

What to do with old Sweaters?

Temperatures have plummeted and it is icy and windy out. We have ideal conditions for skiing and winter sports but it is COLD early mornings when Ginny and I on our walk.

The photo shows a neighboring village that doesn't get sun until after 10 am because of the way the mountains block the sun this time of year.

This week I worked on using hand knitted sweaters in other projects. Although some of the sweaters still fit, the style is wrong or the collar is a bit wonky like this one... which always rubbed uncomfortably against my neck. Since the yarn is Alafoss L├ętt Lopi (from Iceland and the yarn spun is from Icelandic sheep) which comes in every shade and felts nicely with a fuzzy halo, I felted it in my front loading washing machine at 6o C but it still had too much stitch definition so I ran it through the 90 C cycle and it came out looking like the photo below.
Then I trimmed off the thicker edges and sewed together the seams .... knitted an i cord out stash yarn and voila!


  1. Beautiful! I love re-purposing older things. I'll have to dig through my old sweaters now...

  2. This is a beautiful re-use idea!