Monday, February 21, 2011


After weeks and weeks of knitting on this sweater (with lots of interruptions by other projects), I have finished!

As of the last post, I had to sleeves to finish and I decided on 3/4 length sleeves, Knit the lower sleeve part in the rib /intarsia pattern to match the lower part of the body. The last part of the cuff matches the neck line, then I knitted a purl row (for folding) and knitted a facing on the cuffs (and hem). I wove in all ends, sewed in the facing and ironed the sweater lightly- all done!!! I talked my daughter into taking some photos outside with my dog, so as to capture the true colors of the reds. We now have a foot of new snow so the spring like weather was only a short break in the winter.

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  1. I absolutely love this project of yours! All of the colours really pop and the patterning is wonderful. It's great to see your dog, too!