Sunday, January 16, 2011

This week is the week of knitting the sleeves and then ripping them out- kind of like last week. I have now decided to leave the sleeves alone until I finish the body because then I will have a better idea of what works.
The large diamond pattern is knitted in fairisle with three colors in the round. The yarns I stranded along the back were knitted in every few stitches and it is harder to keep the tension right with three colors instead of two, and although it looks rumpled things will smooth out after blocking.

Moving on to the body, I started knitting intarsia on the colorwork sections (over 5 stitches) and then purled the next four stitches, so as to get a ribbed look. On the first row I increased one stitch into every purl section to compensate for the slight draw in of the rib. I plan on doing about 3 more inches/ 8 more cm or so.
Hopefully I will be very close to finished next week!

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