Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knit and Reknit

After a bit of a pause I have picked up this sweater again to work on and immediately ripped out half the body because it felt too busy. The patterns weren't working together at all, they were each screaming for attention. After contemplating the collar I frogged it and reknit it in a sparer pattern that complimented what I had but didn't compete with it.
Then I went to work on the sleeves, from the bottom of the arm (armpit!) picking up 2 stitches for every three rows. I used needles that were a whole mm size smaller for this and worked along to the top of the shoulder and about a 1/3 down the other side. THEN I started short rows (went up a needle size) because I want a fitted, set in sleeves. I worked back and forth until about 2/3 down the armhole from the top of the shoulder and then I started working in the round and decreasing every inch or so. I did start both sleeves at the same time so as to get the tension and decreases the same.
The picture above to the left shows when I was knitting back and forth in short rows. I started knitting in the round when I reached the orange marker on the right side. The green marker is where I started picking stitches. I didn't worry about matching up the pattern at all. The next photo shows where I am now although I am still trying out different patterns on the sleeve so one will have to be ripped back. I am going for a fitted look with a slight peplum, maybe pleats on the body starting under the diamond border, we will see what looks right......

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  1. It's absolutely gorgeous! It's wonderful to see your process and how it's developing.