Sunday, January 30, 2011

End in Sight!

Since I irritated my thumbs knitting on these quick metal needles, I had to take a week off from knitting. So I spent the evenings spinning on my new wheel because that didn't bother my thumbs at all! But now they have healed and I will be careful not to over do things

We have also had some wonderful winter weather so I spent lots of free time outside too, cross country skiing, skate skiing and ski touring (with skins). I'm lucky I live somewhere so beautiful. On the left I am walking up a mountain on a ski tour.

I have now finished the body of the sweater. I knit a second border at the bottom and then one purl row (so I could fold the fabric) and then a stockinette facing, so the sweater won't curl up unevenly on the columns with intarsia or curl in on the purl columns. It will smooth out more after washing and blocking but I pretty darned pleased already!

Next up the sleeves and then I will be done!

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful sweater! I love all the detail.
    (woolysock from Ravelry)