Monday, February 21, 2011


After weeks and weeks of knitting on this sweater (with lots of interruptions by other projects), I have finished!

As of the last post, I had to sleeves to finish and I decided on 3/4 length sleeves, Knit the lower sleeve part in the rib /intarsia pattern to match the lower part of the body. The last part of the cuff matches the neck line, then I knitted a purl row (for folding) and knitted a facing on the cuffs (and hem). I wove in all ends, sewed in the facing and ironed the sweater lightly- all done!!! I talked my daughter into taking some photos outside with my dog, so as to capture the true colors of the reds. We now have a foot of new snow so the spring like weather was only a short break in the winter.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

End in Sight!

Since I irritated my thumbs knitting on these quick metal needles, I had to take a week off from knitting. So I spent the evenings spinning on my new wheel because that didn't bother my thumbs at all! But now they have healed and I will be careful not to over do things

We have also had some wonderful winter weather so I spent lots of free time outside too, cross country skiing, skate skiing and ski touring (with skins). I'm lucky I live somewhere so beautiful. On the left I am walking up a mountain on a ski tour.

I have now finished the body of the sweater. I knit a second border at the bottom and then one purl row (so I could fold the fabric) and then a stockinette facing, so the sweater won't curl up unevenly on the columns with intarsia or curl in on the purl columns. It will smooth out more after washing and blocking but I pretty darned pleased already!

Next up the sleeves and then I will be done!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This week is the week of knitting the sleeves and then ripping them out- kind of like last week. I have now decided to leave the sleeves alone until I finish the body because then I will have a better idea of what works.
The large diamond pattern is knitted in fairisle with three colors in the round. The yarns I stranded along the back were knitted in every few stitches and it is harder to keep the tension right with three colors instead of two, and although it looks rumpled things will smooth out after blocking.

Moving on to the body, I started knitting intarsia on the colorwork sections (over 5 stitches) and then purled the next four stitches, so as to get a ribbed look. On the first row I increased one stitch into every purl section to compensate for the slight draw in of the rib. I plan on doing about 3 more inches/ 8 more cm or so.
Hopefully I will be very close to finished next week!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Knit and Reknit

After a bit of a pause I have picked up this sweater again to work on and immediately ripped out half the body because it felt too busy. The patterns weren't working together at all, they were each screaming for attention. After contemplating the collar I frogged it and reknit it in a sparer pattern that complimented what I had but didn't compete with it.
Then I went to work on the sleeves, from the bottom of the arm (armpit!) picking up 2 stitches for every three rows. I used needles that were a whole mm size smaller for this and worked along to the top of the shoulder and about a 1/3 down the other side. THEN I started short rows (went up a needle size) because I want a fitted, set in sleeves. I worked back and forth until about 2/3 down the armhole from the top of the shoulder and then I started working in the round and decreasing every inch or so. I did start both sleeves at the same time so as to get the tension and decreases the same.
The picture above to the left shows when I was knitting back and forth in short rows. I started knitting in the round when I reached the orange marker on the right side. The green marker is where I started picking stitches. I didn't worry about matching up the pattern at all. The next photo shows where I am now although I am still trying out different patterns on the sleeve so one will have to be ripped back. I am going for a fitted look with a slight peplum, maybe pleats on the body starting under the diamond border, we will see what looks right......